MonthJanuary 2015

Foto Friday: Lotus Exige


Katech LT1 427

Katech LT1 427. Photo courtesy of Katech.

Katech LT1 427. Photo courtesy of Katech.

Are you looking to swap your supercharged C7 Z06 engine for a naturally aspirated V8? Or are you just in the market for a 700 horsepower Chevy small-block?

Katech recently announced a new 427 cubic inch V8, based on the LT1 normally used in a Corvette Stingray. So it’s sort of like the LS7 from the C6 Z06 but with the variable valve timing and direct injection from the current generation. And it also has 200 more horsepower. You can read here for more details.

BMW i8


How lucky were they that a BMW i8 prototype just happened to be driving by at that very moment?

Those darn nude BMW drivers. Always ruining perfectly good concept cars!

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Foto Friday: Nissan GT-R at Blackhawk Farms Raceway


Chris Harris reviews his personal Ferrari FF

Chris Harris describes what it’s actually like to own an FF:

I know the styling is awkward, but it’s still my favorite current Ferrari. Can easily be driven in all seasons, with room for the wife and kids.

Mustang GT350R


Normally I would never insinuate that a car manufacturer is bargaining with satan, but how else would you explain carbon fiber wheels on a Mustang? Outside of something like the million dollar cars from Koenigsegg, I believe this is an industry first for a manufacturer. Official pricing for the GT350R hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m guessing Ford isn’t just going to tack on $15,000 for a set of wheels. If a Camaro Z/28 is already around $75,000, would people pay $90,000 for a Mustang? Or did Ford make a deal with the devil?

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