Gran Turismo: the Movie


Hollywood continues to look to the world of video games for movie ideas, and their latest target is a film based on Gran Turismo.

This is a silly idea for two reasons. One: there has never been a good movie based on a video game. Two: I’m not a Gran Turismo expert, but as far as I know there is no story mode in any of the video games. With no existing protagonist or characters to draw from, the film is simply going to be a racing story with the Gran Turismo brand slapped on it. This *could* give the filmmakers the opportunity to make the next Grand Prix. But it will probably be the next Need for Speed.


  1. You know, the story behind the creator of the series, Kaz, is interesting enough that I think a decent documentary style film could be made. Not only his passion for allowing access to motorsport, but the dedication, and the lengths he and the team at Polyphony Digital have went to in order to make the game… I think they could pull it off.

    Or, just do like the original IMAX movies did, and show off some really high quality film equipment capturing motorsport at it’s most raw. Who needs a story when you have the scream of a good sounding engine filling your ears?

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