MonthMay 2015

Foto Friday: Vipers at Gingerman Raceway


Motor Trend runs the numbers of the LaFerrari

An accessible 900 horsepower rear-wheel drive hypercar?

Out With The Old


Mazda has retired it’s old slogan in favor of Driving Matters™. And, according to tradition, the torch is passed to the new representative by punching the replaced spokesperson right in the head. I’m not an advocate of violence, but who am I to defy tradition? Plus that annoying, creepy kid had it coming.

Foto Friday: Porsche at the Autobahn Country Club


Buildin’ It Old School

Forget state-of-the-art carbon fiber passenger cells. Morgan builds their car frames out of wood!

Ford Flex


Everytime I look at the front end of a Ford Flex.

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