DateSeptember 28, 2015

There Are Only So Many Car Jokes

“I think we all felt we had just done every airplane joke we could think of.” – the writers/directors of the film Airplane! on why they didn’t participate in the sequel.

When I started writing/drawing Stuck in Reverse, I knew the comic had a finite lifespan. No matter how many car magazines I read, or track events I attended, or time I spent working on my car, there was only going to be so many car related jokes I could make into a comic strip.

The comic is not ending today, there’s at least a few more jokes I want to share, but in the next few weeks or months Stuck in Reverse will be coming to an end.

I do want to thank you for reading Stuck and Reverse. All the shares on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/message boards were very much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed the comic, and maybe I’ll see you around for my next project, whatever that may be.

Short-Term Memory


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