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The Final Week of Stuck in Reverse

This will be the final week of Stuck in Reverse comic strips. There will be new comics every weekday this week, for a total of five, plus the possibility of an additional bonus comic before the weekend begins. So come back on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for more comics!

In case you missed it, here is my original post from September 2015 announcing that the strip would be coming to an end.

LAST DAY for Free Shipping in the Stuck in Reverse Store

Last day for free shipping in the Stuck in Reverse Society 6 Store

Today is the LAST DAY for free shipping on prints and other merch in the Stuck in Reverse Society 6 store.

Four new comics have been added to the store today (pictured above).

Just use this link to get your free worldwide shipping. Ends tonight at midnight (PST)!

FREE Shipping in the Stuck in Reverse Store

Stuck in Reverse

FREE worldwide shipping in the Stuck in Reverse store through Jan 11 (at midnight PST)!

Prints of your favorite Stuck in Reverse comic are available starting at only $16, and right now you can get free shipping too! Just follow this super special link to our Society 6 store.

If you don’t see your favorite Stuck in Reverse comic available for purchase, send me an email and I’ll add it to the store!

Free Shipping on Prints Today

Today is a great day to purchase a print your favorite Stuck in Reverse comic. Society 6 is offering free worldwide shipping until midnight tonight. Check out what’s available in our Society 6 store.

I’ll be adding more and more strips in the coming days, but if you have a favorite you’d like to have available right away, send me an email!

Stuck in Reverse 2.0

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Stuck in Reverse has an all new website! Completely rebuilt with a responsive design, the site looks great on desktop or mobile.

In addition to having a brand new site, you can now purchase Stuck in Reverse merchandise! Check out our Society 6 store for prints of your favorite comics and Stuck in Reverse t-shirts.

Stuck in Reverse merchandise

Plus now you can own the original, hand-illustrated art from the comics! Check out the ones currently available on the Original Art page.

Stuck in Reverse original art

I’ll be adding more prints and original art in the future, but if you can’t wait, be sure to email me what comic strip you’d like to see available.

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