The Vixen RV: the BMW of Motorhomes

“The is the first driver’s Motorhome.” – Car and Driver


  1. Finally! An RV women can drive and one where I can hold business meetings.

  2. Awesome looking motorhome! I’ve never seen a Vixen 21 in person. It’s damn unforgivable that they were produced in such limited numbers for so short amount of time. I would think that more people would appreciate having a small RV to go for road trips and occasional outings across the state, or across the country. Not everyone needs or wants a 40ft diesel pusher. Sometimes a 20ft diesel pusher would’ve been perfect.

    • The VOA will have the 2018 annual mtg. Sept.11-13th at Lake Shawnee in Topeka Kansas. A good place to see both the TD and SE Vixen models.

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