Toyota Fish


Foto Friday: Political Prius


Foto Friday: Everything’s Bigger In Texas…


…even the gas mileage!

(Even if you’re in Wisconsin.)

Doing Our Part

Toyota Peeus

You think this comic is sick? Try watching the original commercial without vomiting from the pretentiousness.

If you do decide to wash your Prius in a rain storm, don’t worry about being struck by lightning. Your relatives can simply place your corpse in a compost heap to avoid wasting precious resources.

The Latest Trends

Rolling Coal

For whatever reason, there is this new thing, called rolling coal. Which is a great idea to do if you are a complete idiot. Thankfully, there is a new response that will hopefully catch on with equal or great enthusiasm.

On Hybrid Owners

On Hybrid Owners

Small tires, big snob.

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